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Date: 2018-05-03 19:58

I 8767 m in a situation with a man, whom I love with all of my heart, and have known for the last 75 plus years. We have been together 8 years and I stay with him almost every day/night, even though I have my own place. It feels like home when we 8767 re together. At first, he and I would go out and have a few drinks and dinner and come back to his place just to watch . and then he would take me back home. No sex for the first 6 months. As time went by, I finally fell as much in love with him as he claimed to be with me. Looking back now, I realize that every time he said it to me, even though I wouldn 8767 t say it back, he was drunk. Now we argue all the time, because he is constantly drunk, and has no regard for my feelings whatsoever. I am disabled, due to a spinal cord injury, but receive SSI. So I do pay my own way at his place and for my own apartment. I feel like I 8767 m in a depression and I 8767 m wondering if it 8767 s being brought on because of his behavior? He goes out and leaves me here without so much as a phone call or anything. By the time he gets home, he reeks of gin, tries to cook dinner for himself (because I 8767 ve given up on doing it myself anymore), burns his dinner, wakes up in the middle of the night and pees all over the bedroom walls or wherever is convenient. He has constant blackouts and when I tell him about it the next day, he tells me it 8767 s all my fault. I 8767 m disabled and have to wonder if I 8767 m driving him to drink more, because at this time, I can 8767 t work. I told him tonight, before he went to bed, what he did last night and that I felt I was owed an apology. So he apologized. Then I got a small kiss goodnight before he went to bed and I asked him if that was it. He said, 8775 after my attitude that yes it is. 8776 So, I followed him to the bedroom and he said, 8775 Now you 8767 re following me? I 8767 m sick of this shit! 8776 My reply was, 8775 I just wanted to tell you I love you and I feel that after the way you treated me you should at least tell me that much. 8776 I honestly don 8767 t know what to do in this situation. I 8767 ve left 8 times before and every time I have, his drinking has just gotten worse. He openly admits that he is an alcoholic and is proud of it! Who in their right mind is proud of something like this? He 8767 s 55 years old. I am 86. Even his own mom can 8767 t get him under control. I love him so much but he doesn 8767 t even care if he loses me. His own daughters, whom are grown, know he has a problem but continue to drink with him as well. I need help with this situation please! He is NOT physically abusive at all. But, he shows no emotion whatsoever for me or anyone. He doesn 8767 t even seem to care about himself. At this point, I don 8767 t think anyone can help him :' (

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